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The city of Hamtramck has over 40 bars. Most of them are smaller corner bars and there's also clubs and restaurant bars. Below you will find information on the demographics and history of the city. To the right and left you can click on any bar to get more information.

Hamtramck is a city that is located near Detroit Michigan in Wayne County. In the year of 2000 the population was just under 23,000. Hamtramck is completely bordered by Detroit except for a small part of Hamtramck that borders Highland Park. Hamtramck is named after French Canadian war soldier Jean François Hamtramck. He happened to be the first American person to be commander of Fort Shelby, which was the fortification at Detroit.

Originally the City of Hamtramck was settled by German farmers until Polish immigrants flooded the area. The happened when the Dodge Brothers plant opened in 1914 and had thirty buildings employing 22,000 workers and produced 140,000 cars a year. Polish used to make up a large proportion of the population in Hamtramck. Hamtramck is not to be mixed up with Poletown, which is a Polish neighborhood. Poletown used to be mostly in the city of Detroit. In the year 2000 22% of Hamtramck was populated by Polish people. Back in the year 1970, it was 90% Polish.

Over the past fourty years, a large amount of immigrants from the Middle East, mostly being Yemen as well as and South Asia, mostly being Bangladesh have moved to the city. As of the year 2000 Hamtramcks foreign population was near 40% which made it Michigan's most diverse city.

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